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New Technology and their Effect on Society

I personally think that most of these new technologies on the horizon are very useful.  Especially when it come to site such as facebook, instagram, tumblr, twitter, and yelp.  Others sites like the RSS Readers, are not for me. What makes theses technologies so great is that it can connect you with people all over the world, or help u find a place to eat or stay in an unfamiliar area. I think that for a new technology to be successful, it needs to have a daily use, or else it wont make it.  For instance, people get hooked to facebook and twitter and check it hourly for status updates and what not.  The key is to find a need and satisfy it with a great idea. Overall, i think that technologies make the world a smaller place and they bring everyone together. 

Favorite and Least Favorite Technologies

I think my favorite technology is Yelp. I really enjoy even having the mobile app on my iphone.  It makes it so easy to find a restaurant location and get there as fast as possible.

My least favorite technology has to be the Digg websites.  I think its a cool idea, but it is just hard for me to go to a digg site and search for information that way.  I think there are easier ways to receive news, but at the same time i guess i can see why it is popular to some.

Technology that will fail

Reddit: I think this technology will fail primarily because it seems like there are so many other websites like it that use the “dig” or “bury” posts.  They have multiple categories in which to post, but i just dont find it interesting to see a picture of a toddler’s birthday cake that the mom made. I dont see this technology making it much longer.  

Top 3 Technologies

#1- Foursquare: I tested out this technology and i found that i really liked it.  If im in the mood for a specific type of food, lets say Chinese, it will direct me to the closest Chinese place and give me feedback from other users that have eaten there. I think this technology has the potential to succeed, however, apps like yelp and others are quite similar so it may be difficult.

#2-Vodpod:I really liked this technology because you have such easy access to videos and its also very easy to share your own.  On Vodpod you have a profile and though this profile you can add friends with which u can share videos and see what your friends have been watching! I think that it will survive. Although it is similar to YouTube, it also slightly different because it has more of a community aspect.

#3- StumbleUpon: I enjoyed using this website quite a bit because not was it useful in finding new website that spark your interest, but it also is a great time waster.  So instead of vegging out on youtube of facebook stalking for hours you can just endlessly search on StumbleUpon for whatever interests you!

Top 10 Technologies

#1-Stumble Upon: The user picks a vague category such as travel or art and the website directs the user to a random webpage that illustrates that content.

#2-Vodpod: Very similar to YouTube. Share videos online. I think YouTube is better though because it is a more user friendly website

#3-Foursquare: This free mobile app allows the user to use the built in gps device on their phone to check-in to a restaurant based on their location.  The user can also have friends and connect with them via foursquare.

#4-Spotify: This website allows you to listen to music and you can connect it to ur itunes account. I really liked this website and i think it will be successful.

#5- Stixy: I really liked this technology because users can create tasks, appointments, files, photos, notes, and bookmarks on their Stixyboards, organized in whatever way makes sense to them.

#6-Quora: Just OK in my opinion. This website is a online community based Q and A site.

#7-Instagram: A website where u can upload and store photos that you can share with your community.  Very similar to flickr in my opinion, however i like instagram more because of the accessibility of the mobile app. 

#8-Reddit: A website where you can post stories or news reports and people vote it up or down.  Very similar to Digg, however I prefer Digg.

#9-Qwiki: Similar to Wikipedia.  With this website you have instant access to information as well as pictures of what you searched. I think Wikipedia however is already too popular and wont be outdone by Qwiki.

#10-Asana: Connects users together by allowing them to communicate together easier and instantaneously. It allows for easy access to see what others have accomplished or are doing at the moment.

Team Mashup

For our team mashup we decided to make a website like eHarmony, but that had the addition of facebook, twitter, and google maps.  So you could see someone picture, rate them and be able to find them and locate them using the other networking sites and media.

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